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Surface And Facade Repair Material

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Tasir®PHP is a unique, low viscosity, two-part liquid, polyurethane-hybrid polymer. When supplemented with aggregates, this product is used to repair and rehabilitate concrete and asphaltic concrete pavements. The enhanced polymer is high performance, rapid setting, and can be used to make a resilient polymer concrete. Within minutes of placement, durable, long-lasting repairs are able to handle vibration, heavy traffic, and thermal movement.
● No priming required to bond to concrete, asphalt, steel or wood
● Waterproof, chemically resistant membrane protects substrates from freeze-thaw spalling. Stops further corrosion of reinforcing steel
● Liquid becomes solid (cures) in as little as 60 seconds. Traffic Ready in as little as 10 minutes*.
No toxic fumes during application. Low odor.
● Make repairs, resurface pavements, and apply protective coating year round — hot or cold.
● Expansion joint and bridge header reconstruction
● Control joint filler
● Repair cracks, potholes, spalls
● Resurface walkways, floors & bridge deck overlays
Tasir® PHP is packaged in:
10 gal. (37.9 L) kits: 5 gal. (18.9 L) «A» & 5 gal. (18.9 L) «B»
30 gal. (113.5 L) kits: 15 gal. (56.7 L) «A» & 15 gal. (56.7 L) «B»
108 gal. (408.8 L) kits: 54 gal. (204.4 L) «A» & 54 (204.4 L) gal. «B»
Approximate yield of 25 square feet per gallon at 1/16 inch (1.6 mm).
One year in original unopened packaging when stored in dry conditions; high relative humidity and temperature will reduce shelf life.
*10-minute traffic ready for catalyzed machine applied version. Traffic time dependent upon air and substrate temperature.
Mix Ratio (1) Part A : (1) Part B
Viscosity @ 73°FPart A: 80 cps / Part B: 100 cps
Specific GravityPart A: 1.07 / Part B: 0.95
Specific Gravity, ASTM D-7921.08
Hardness, Durometer D, ASTM D-224060
Tensile Strength, ASTM D-4122,000 psi
Compressive Strength, ASTM C-391,500 psi
Elongation at Break, ASTM D-412160%
Bond Strength, ASTM C-882760 psi
The data shown above reflects typical results based on laboratory testing under controlled conditions. Reasonable variations from the data shown may result. Test methods are modified where applicable.

1. Prepare concrete surfaces to a minimum Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) 4 to 5 in accordance with ICRI Technical Standard 310.1R (International Concrete Repair Institute) guidelines. As an alternative, roughen concrete surfaces to coarse aggregate exposure. Blow out all repair areas thoroughly with oil free compressed air, removing all dust, debris and bond inhibiting substances. Vertical saw-cut surfaces should be sandblasted.
2. All surfaces must be visibly dry prior to placement. Use a heat source to ensure dry substrate prior to placement.
3. For optimum performance, liquid components should be conditioned to between 70-90°F (21-32°C) prior to use. Aggregate should be heated to a minimum 90°F (32°C) and a maximum 140°F (60°C).
4. Fill or mitigate all substrate cracks prior to repair material replacement.
5. All repair geometries shall be squared up and have neat, clean edges.
MIXING: NOTE: Mix ratio is 1:1 by volume. Material may be mixed through a self-dispensing injection unit such as plural component dispensing/mixing equipment. For machine installed product refer to your operator’s manual and/or consult Five Star Products'Engineering and Technical Service Center at 1-800-243-2206 for specifics.
HAND MIX INSTRUCTIONS: Tasir® Rapid Surface Repair PHP may also be used for small repairs. Measure exactly equal amounts by volume of components A & B. Mix together for 30 seconds. Remember, as material quantities increase, heat generated by the product increases and the pot life of mixed product will decrease respectively. Pour product immediately.
1. Repair areas should have aggregate pre-placed at thicknesses 1 to 4 inches per lift.
2. Immediately pour mixed liquids through pre-placed aggregate. Placement must be continuous to prevent cold joints. Continue pouring liquids through aggregate until liquids can be seen on top surfaces of aggregate and aggregate no longer accepts liquids. For multiple lifts, pre-place additional aggregate immediately, spread and level and continue pouring liquids through the next layer of aggregate. Repeat as necessary depending upon thickness of repair.
3. A topping sand or similar may be broadcast on top for skid resistant surfaces. Remove excess once material hardens.
NOTE: PRIOR TO APPLICATION, READ ALL PRODUCT PACKAGING THOROUGHLY. For more detailed placement procedures, refer to Tasir® installation guidelines or call Tasir®Products'Engineering and Technical Service Center at +86-571-87569602.
CLEAN-UP: Clean tools immediately after use with xylene or MEK.
Product should be stored at 60 — 80°F (

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