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China YB3 Series Explosion Proof Motor

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Explosion Proof Motor
Construction Feature of Explosion Proof Motor
1. light weight, small volume, easy construction, convenient installation and maintenance
2. the fixed speed to produce frequency stability, low noise vibration, start quickly, stable downtime;
3. dustproof and waterproof, fully sealed structure, suitable for any work environment without explosion-proof requirements;
4. the exciting force can be adjusted infinitely;
5. single machine and multi-machine installation.
6. the direction of the exciting force can be changed according to the installation of the vibrating motor.
TECHNICAL DATA OF Explosion Proof Motor
Photos attached
INTRODUCTION OF Explosion Proof Motor
YB3 series explosion-proof three-phase asynchronous motors are latest products developed by our company combining with home and abroad electromagnetic structure, technique and material etc based on YB and YB2 series of motors. This series of motors have many merits, such as high-efficiency, energy conservation, big margin of temperature rise, long service life, excellent performance, low noise, advanced explosion-proof structure, high reliability and convenient operation and maintenance etc. The efficiency index of this series motors conforms to the energy efficiency grades 2 of specified in GB18613-2006 Minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and the energy efficiency grades for small and medium three-phase asynchronous motors. Power class and the installation dimensions accord with IEC standard, also completely are as same as YB and YB2 series three-phase induction motors.
Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: It is usually 7-10 working days. If the order is large, the time should be longer.
Q: What's your after-sale service?
A: 24 hours online service, can tell you the trouble at any time.China YB3 Series Explosion Proof Motor

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